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We had an elevator modernization in August of 2017. Otis gave us a 30 day warranty.

During the warranty period, over labor day weekend 2017, our elevator was stuck on third floor with the door open. It was not useable. We are an apartment building with elderly and disabled residents, so it had to be repaired. We called the service line and they did dispatch someone.

The service tech was at our building 45 min. or less and alleviated the problem, which was related to the work they had done. We received a bill for $1,136 for 1.5 hours of overtime (mind you, we were still under the 30 day warranty) including a $50 "vehicle" charge.

No one had ever expressed that the warranty only included calls during regular business hours. I called thinking it was a mistake, no, I was told, that was their fee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Otis Elevator Elevator.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1136.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Thank you very much.

Our Strata management is in the process of modernization our 2 elevators too.

Am reviewing several of the elevator's company's liability, consistency and reviews.

I personally felt Otis's communication ... has been really bad and not transparent but now become aware that we also have to be more aware of these 'hidden cost' they play.

The best way people should tackle these is to talk with your MLA representative to push in regulation for transparency.

It would do Otis some good because these charges they are doing are without merit and will eventually push even more clients away.

My side question is: Did Otis took back the old elevator that was replaced with the modernized "new?" one.

If yes; were these reused at other locations as spare parts? (Am asking this because of the recent experience witness by thousands that repairs can take months with a life expectancy to last just a few days/week before it broke down again...) Either the durability of the "new?" replacement parts by Otis has become unreliable or skilled technician has left the company or are overwhelmed by the work (which had lead to fatality!).


Our building is in Waterloo and Otis have been completely negligent with their repairs. The technicians are unskilled and both lifts are now constantly breaking down even though parts have been replaced and numerous repairs completed.

Otis should not be considered as a lift option. They are still incapable of repairing the lifts.

Otis has been put on notice that they will be sued if a resident suffers while attempting to climb the stairs during this summer heatwave. They are a completely unskilled company that has absolutely no after sales teams that are competent


If your car breaks down during its warranty period will the dealership work on it after hours? Warranty on almost any product is repaired during normal business hours.

to Anonymous #1591836

When I buy a car the warranty covers more than a month. And if there is any problem they fix it no charge And when the car breaks down after being serviced the problem is fIXED. Not so with OTIS.

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